The pleasure in which both have found a connection is beautiful….. life has been brought together hope to a never ending of crazy. Being to far but yet so close not seeing that he’s what brought her light to something ugly. A sense of spark in the air that no one will approve but that […]

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Worth It

I want the same for both , your my reason to actually saying you make me happy. I’m scared I’ll loose that. I fear you’ll fail me I want to be open on this but I know even though I feel this way I’ll try my best until you’ve given me a reason to give […]

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What will never be.

Opening to many thing S that I want to understand but just because someone understands doesn’t mean you should feel?. No, why because at the end you’ll end up alone for the fact that thing won’t come out how you hoped or maybe I’m settling myself for less or looking in the wrong area. I’m […]

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